Mirror Image Hair Salon, LLC

Mirror Image Hair Salon, LLC

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Mens Haircut - $20
Womens Haircut - $35
Young mans cut (11 & under) - $17
Young Lady's cut (11 & under) - $22
Bang trim - $7
Beard Trim - $10
Basic Color - $85
Basic Color Retouch - $60
Accent Highlight - $45
Partial Highlight - $95
Mid Highlight - $110
Full Highlight - $130
Partial Balayage
The Balayage Effect is hand-swept highlights that process in open air or with plastic film resulting in very natural looking color. This technique is best for someone who is not looking to lift more than 3 levels in a single service and does not have previously colored hair. Another positive result of Balayage is that it is a low maintenance as there is little to no regrowth line.
Mid Balayage
Full Balayage/Ombre
Hand painting technique. typically darker roots blended to lighter ends.
Creative Color
Color Correction
This service is used for drastic changes in color or when correction is needed for previously colored hair. Color corrections often require additional time and may require several techniques to achieve desired results.
Lip wax
Eyebrow Wax
Chin Wax
Full Face Wax
Deep Condition treatment
Shampoo and style
keratin complex Express Blowout
This speedy smoothing solution is an express service that delivers polished, more manageable hair in just one hour, with results that last up to 6 weeks.
• Reduces curl up to 3 levels
• Results last up to 6 weeks
• Eliminates frizz
• Unique 1-hour treatment
• color service add-on
• Powered by our Signature Keratin for stronger, healthier hair
• Delivers radiant shine
• Perfect for quick spot treatments, bangs or problem areas
• Cuts daily styling time and makes blow-dry time faster and easier • Hair can be shampooed just 8 hours after treatment
• Locks in color
• Cumulative results
Accent Highlight and Keratin Complex Express Blowout
partial highlight and keratin complex Express Blowout
Mid Highlight and keratin complex Express Blowout
Full highlight and keratin complex express blowout
Basic color and Keratin complex express blowout
Basic Color retouch and keratin Complex Express Blowout
Ombre/Balayage and Keratin complex express blowout
Add On Women's Haircut
Add On Olaplex
Add On Shampoo
Eyebrow Tint
Eyelash Tint
Dreamcatcher Full Head I-Tip Extension application (call for appointment)
Dreamcatcher I-Tip Accent application (call for appointment)
Dreamcatcher I-Tip adjustment (call for appointment)
Dreamcatcher I-Tip Half Head extension application (call for appointment)
Dreamcatcher Tape in adjustment (call for appointment)
Dreamcatcher Tape in application (call for appointment)
Extension consultation (call for appointment)
Painting "balayage" style pieces and then applying foil to achieve a more dramatic blonde but with a softer line of demarcation. This technique is best or someone who desires to lift more than 3 levels. the end result is far greater dimension than other techniques.
keratin Complex Signature Blowout (call for appointment)
Enjoy up to 5 months of smooth, shiny and more manageable hair with our award-winning signature smoothing solution.
• Results last up to 5 months
• Reduces curl up to 3 levels
• Blocks humidity and eliminates frizz
• Formulated with our Signature Keratin for stronger, healthier hair
• Instantly repairs damage
• Increases manageability
• Delivers luminous shine
• Dramatically reduces blow-dry time
• Enhances color vibrancy
• Cumulative results
• Voted behindthechair.com’s “Favorite Chemical Smoothing Service” 9 years in a row
• Winner of the Beauty Launchpad 2019 Readers Choice Award for “Favorite Smoothing Service”
Personalized Blow Out Smoothing Treatment (call for appointment)
This customizable treatment powered by a proprietary juice blend has the ability to smooth frizz, straighten hair or define curl, with results that last up to 3 months.
• Powered by K-Pure JuiceTM, a proprietary juice blend of keratin, botanicals and amino acids
• Reduce curl up to 4 levels
• Results last up to 3 months
• Preserves the hair fibers’ mechanical strength
• Increases manageability, retains moisture and delivers radiant shine
• Defines curl while smoothing frizz
• Zero downtime—hair can be pulled back or styled same day
• Cumulative results
• No change to curl pattern
KCMAXX Maximum Keratin Smoothing System (call for appointment)
Our most powerful keratin treatment to date: KCMAXTM Maximum Keratin Smoothing System. This transformative three-step system combines a proprietary keratin blend with the most advanced smoothing technology to deliver straighter, smoother and healthier hair that
lasts up to 3 months.
• Straightens up to 4 curl patterns
• Results last up to 3 months
• Eliminates frizz and increases manageability
• Formulated with proprietary keratin technology for stronger, healthier hair
• Straighter, smoother results in just one treatment
• Dramatically increases the strength of damaged hair
• Delivers luminous shine and silky softness
• No wait time—hair can immediately be pulled back or put in clips
• 90-minute treatment
• Cumulative results
• Perfect for all hair types
Grey Blend Out - $180

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